What If Hearthstone Had Legendary Spells?

During a talk with the developers at Hearthstone Europe, Kripparian questioned if there would ever be Legendary spells introduced to the game. While they aren’t developing anything immediately, they were open to the idea, and discussed various challenges that they would face in order to introduce legendary spells to Hearthstone.

While streaming, Kripparrian discussed ideas with his viewers and modified some of their ideas along with creating his own.

The biggest challenge is making the spell good enough to have a legendary status, compared to other spells in the game that are already considered strong. You also have to accomplish this while keeping the game balanced and not making the spells too strong to where players feel like they should be auto-included into every deck they play.

We compiled different legendary spell ideas that we’ve found from around the Hearthstone community below. Do you have your own legendary spell ideas? How balanced do you think these spells are? Post a comment below.



druid-barkskinBarkskin: Druids have access to some healing, but in the current meta they usually sit on the sidelines, even in decks that are built around survival and control. However, this card text here is for all health restored in the game. So this could potentially punish players for using healing based cards. At 6 mana you would need significant gains in order to get value out of the card. Considering you could play Healing Touch for 3 mana that restores 8 health. This makes it a bit risky to play the card, but a unique play style that could argue for spots in druid decks.

druid-natural-dominationNatural Domination: Similar to poison seeds but much more effective since it takes over the minions it converts. Even at 10 mana this could be a very dangerous card  to have in a druid deck. One of their main play styles is to get a few minions on board to play a Savage Roar combo and kill the enemy in one turn. This forces your opponent to have a board clear answer to the Natural Domination. A very powerful card, probably too powerful even at 10 mana.


hunter-heartseekerHeartseeker: I’m sure all the face hunter’s on the ladder are salivating when initially thinking about this card in their decks. Ignoring taunts is an obstacle that most hunters avoid by using silences in their decks. It could still change the flow of a game if there were multiple taunts. But with a 7 mana cost you would need to have minions on board, or be extremely close to lethal in order for the extra 3 mana to be effective compared to using a silence. This could make it more interesting with control hunter or situationally be used to squeeze out more damage in a game when your opponent feels safe behind his taunts.

hunter-readinessReadiness: Similar to echo of Medivh however it’s tied to the cards you played this turn. Makes it more likely to only duplicated 1-2 cards, which gives hunters a stronger mid-range and control presence. It could be abused by giving hunters a couple 2-turn combos that deal a considerable amount of damage (4 x kill command, is a quick one that comes to mind). It’s effectiveness would rely heavily on getting later in the game and even then it’s still situation to have something to combo it with.

hunter-stampedeStampede: Simply put, this card is overpowered. With the smaller pool of beast cards available, the amount of value this card can produce is crazy. Even in worse case scenario you can get 7 x Timber wolves, or Stonetusk boars. That’s still 7 mana worth of value. And you’d have the upside of mixing in some exceptionally good beast cards. Mix this card with a Tundra Rhino (or better yet, snagging one from Stampede itself) and this could be a coinflip for a game ender every turn 10. This card couldn’t be created without breaking the balance of the game.


mage-arcane-dominanceArcane Dominance: This is an interesting card, but very difficult to pull off. Even using something to steal secrets like Kezan Mystic makes it difficult to pull this off. There are simply way too many different triggers that make it easy for players to keep your secret count below 5. Actually, it’s almost impossible for your opponent not to expose a secret unless they continued to pass a turn. Furthermore, it’s less effective if your opponent has any armor gains at all. Now, simply having this card existing might make the meta shift a little bit, forcing players to play into Mage secrets but I don’t think we’d see a significant change from this deck and you’d mostly see this on the sidelines.

mage-conbustionCombustion: Could be very powerful board control, and also affects the way your opponent would play their next few turns as opposed to just reacting to how they played their last turn. It feels a little weaker when you stack it up against other mage spells that would be competing for a spot in the deck, and you’d most likely take other options.

mage-copycatCopycat: This card gives a class with already heavy board control, more ways to obtain board control. Mixing this with mana reduction could result in a complete game shift if a mage is able to use board clear, or board control (frost nova) along with it. At the very least this is a Faceless Manipulator for two extra mana, but it has a much higher upside.


paladin-bubble-hearthBubble Hearth: This card is highly interesting, not only for the nostalgic name, but it can put a very unique twist on the way a paladin plays. In terms of value, this card can be used to trade battle cry minions, and have the chance to use them again. It does come with an implied higher mana cost, since you are bouncing the card at the end of a turn. Interesting concept, and a great name.

paladin-divine-championDivine Champion: This could easily get out of hand with all of the potential buff cards a paladin has available to them. Blessing of Kings, Blessing of Might, Blessed Champion. Because of this, most players already try to keep paladin minions off the board. This seems like it would play a lot like a priests Divine Spirit/Innerfire deck, except it comes with a lot more utility that allows it to be pulled off easier.


priest-void-shiftVoid Shift: At your first glance this card seems like this card is right on the verge of being overpowered. However, this card could adjust the way players play against a priest. At turn 10, players would have to protect against a health swap, and their board which could result in lethal. This means players would have to go for lethal in a very different manner, and either get it done before turn 10, or set up a lethal attempt over a couple turns. Anytime you have a card that affects how players will play multiple turns could lead to some very interesting situations in the game, which is the only reason why I say it might not be game breaking. I’d like to see it play tested.


rogue-its-a-miracleIt’s a miracle: Cheesy name. Drawing 15 cards (or half of your deck) in one turn is crazy. Let alone doing it for 3 mana. This plays perfectly into the rogues play style, but it comes at a penatly. You’ll quickly face fatigue situations, and you’re going to over draw cards. This means you might burn potential combo cards that you needed for lethal. You can’t play it too early, because your hand would be too full and you’ll further burn cards before being able to play your hand. A lot times this might be a dead card because you can’t play it from fatigue damage. Other times it could draw the perfect cards (Miracle!) to squeeze out a win. Could be aggravating to play against, when it does work, but it would be a really fun addition to the hearthstone game play overall.

rogue-kidney-shotKidney Shot: Quite powerful with the current card text. If a player is forced to miss their turn that means they miss they draw, mana crystal, and any play they were trying to make that turn.  You gain an extra card, refresh your minions, and have 7+ mana to play with. All of your minions technically have windfury for one turn. In order to balance this card there should be a penalty to play this card. Maybe something like discarding the top card in your deck, keeping your crystals locked, or minions not being able to attack. A possible change to this card could be playing the turn the same way, except your opponent skips their draw phase. Otherwise, this card is way to powerful the way it currently stands.


shaman-chain-lightningChain Lightning: For zero mana, being able to pick up card removal (and 1 mana card removal at that), it could give Shaman’s some added pressure while still controlling the board. Shaman definitely need some help in the current meta. I don’t feel like this is it. Compared to other classes legendary spells, this is definitely on the weaker side. If it generated a spell that could also damage the enemy, or lowered the overload cost of the Fork Lightning, it might be a larger boost for shamans.


warlock-soulstoneSoulstone: For a class that has some of the most powerful spells in the game, I can see how it might be difficult to make a uniquely powerful spell. It’s cool to have a “Secret” effect, however it makes it extremely obvious for opponents to play around, or have players target with Kezan Mystic. It’s fairly balanced in terms of value, and could be a neat boost some current Warlock decks. However it comes at a very large downside that would prevent a good portion of players from using it.


warrior-bladestormBladestorm: Spin to win! This card is underwhelming. Basically it’s a 7 mana Baron, with no 7/5 body. It’s trade off is that it can’t be removed for 3 turns. This could combo with warrior cards, or it could be used in a Face/Weapon Warrior deck that controls the board over multiple turns.

warrior-raging-blowRaging Blow: At this time there isn’t any persistant damage as debuffs in the game. If you put this on your enemy, it could deal 13 damage over 5 turns. The overall value is great, but it’s very slow since it’s spread out over so many turns. In order to offset the slow speed, it might need to be included in aggressive decks only.

Make Your Own Legendary Spells

You can join the discussion and add your own legendary spell ideas by going to HearthCards. It’s easy to use, and then you can link them in the comments here, or share them with your friends. Think you have what it takes to design some new cards?

You can also check out other legendary spells from Fulla found on LiquidHearth’s forum. You’ll find another set of unique ideas for class spells, along with great discussion that really dives into the balancing of each card into the current game play.

July 6, 2015