The Top Moba Game Choices of 2015

So you’re looking to get into the exciting world of Moba (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games? Moba features some exciting and fast-paced game play that can be both glorious and frustrating at the same time! It really pushes your gaming skills to the limits and you’ll spend hours playing and practicing to become great.

While every MOBA game has it’s own variations they are still inside the same general game play. Controlling your own Hero character, and fighting against enemy Heroes and Mob creatures to make your way to destroy the enemy base and win the game.

Here’s an updated list of the current top moba games around. We rated these ourselves. Feel free to leave your own ratings below in the comments.

Heroes of Newerth

HoN is receives one of the best rating for current MOBA games. Heroes of Newerth was one of the MOBA games out in the market. It was originally created as a clone of the original game Defense of the Ancients and since then has continued to grow and add unique heroes and gameplay features.

The HoN community attracts very hardcore gamers with it’s fast-paced style and attempts to continue to balance the game and push the eSports scene inside of Heroes of Newerth.

The tournament scene is alive and well and creates an atmosphere of high level game play. The HoN staff continues to update the game with new heroes and content very frequently making the game always exciting.

Cost: Free-To-Play
Sign-up: Heroes of Newerth

League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL) is created by the same people who created the original MOBA game: Defense of the Ancients. With that being said it’s a completely different game with a different play style, and graphics. The only negative to League of Legends are the graphics that are very cartoony at times.

Beyond the graphics you have a game that is balanced the way you’d expect from the makers of DOTA. Free and Premium content is developed regularly and you you’ll always have a game available with the amount of players in the LoL community.

LoL has the largest player base in the MOBA community. It’s also backed by a very competitive tournament scene and many professional teams with sponsors are supported by this game.

Cost: Free-To-Play
Sign-up: League of Legends

Dota 2

Dota 2, comes directly from the makers of Defense of The Ancients. The game that created the MOBA market. DOTA was known for great balance and creating a game that was challenging but fun. We expect the same for the future of Dota 2. You’ll see a lot of the same heroes and more heroes to come. But it’s on it’s own platform now, instead of being stuck inside of Warcraft 3’s mechanics. This is great.

Currently Dota 2 is in live beta and players are just getting used to the new feel of Dota. It’s very interesting to see all the old heroes back in action but the graphics feel very weak compared to it’s counterpart League of Legends, and even compared to Heroes of Newerth.

Graphics aren’t everything – and we expect to see this game grow in the competitive landscape with balance and a large fan base. We can’t wait to see this game live!

Cost: N/A
Sign-up: Dota 2 

Bloodline Champions

Bloodline Champions is pure action. It strips away the “grind” that is common in the MOBA arena and packs in all the intense team fights that you would expect to encounter in a MOBA game. Also you wont find any “mobs” in game. It’s all PvP (player vs. player).

The game adds new layers of skill as almost all abilities require you to aim accurately at your opponents. There’s also a lot of map features that allow you to dodge, hide, and break line of site of your enemies in order to prevent damage being done. This creates an exciting level of micro that is only a small feature in other MOBA games.

There are plenty of maps and different game modes you can play on Bloodline Champions.

Cost: Free-To-play
Sign-up: Bloodline Champions 

Upcoming: Smite

Currently in Alpha Development.

Smite brings an interesting twist to the MOBA gameplay. Instead of the standard character view, you will be in First Person mode with no camera angle adjustments. This adds many unique twists to the game. You wont be able to see over map objects like cliffs and trees. This means you wont be able to enemies coming as easily. Also with the first person view the camera is always over your should facing forward. In Smite, you run faster moving forward. So if you are running away from a battle, it’s much more difficult to dodge incoming spells since you can’t see where your enemies are.

Smite is still in Alpha Development and we will see more to come as it’s developed and rolls into BETA. We will be sure to pay attention to it here at iPwn gaming as it adds many competitive elements that aren’t offered anywhere in the MOBA community.

Cost: N/A
Sign-up: Smite

June 10, 2012