5 Tips To Improve Your Aim In Just A Couple Hours

Struggling to hit shots, especially at longer ranges?

Having trouble keeping up with airborne enemies?

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. With the last few installments in the Call of Duty franchise, there have been some very large changes to the fundamentals of the game.

Whether it be the exo-thrusters, or the new wall running mechanic, these changes make aiming a lot harder, especially when each missed shot could mean life or death.

There are various adjustments that you can make in order to improve your aim.

In this guide will give you the most important in-game settings to use, how to position yourself for kills, and how to abuse aim-assist to do the dirty work for you. Follow the tips below and you’ll see yourself topping the leader boards in no time.

Use The Pro’s Sensitivity To Fine-Tune Your Aim

Keep your horizontal and vertical sensitivity in the range of 4-6.

I see the same question get asked to numerous amounts of streamers and pro players, “what sensitivity do you play on?”.

It’s true that everyone does have their own preference, but there is a baseline for what is considered optimal on the Black ops 3 pro circuit.

Generally, pro players keep their sensitivity in the range of 4-6, as it enables them to turn somewhat quickly to react to fast-moving opponents. But it still gives them enough control to be consistent against enemies at longer ranges when you need a more precise shot.

So where do you set your sensitivity? That is something you have to decide for yourself. Use the pro sensitivity as a starting point. Make a mental note of how you’re aiming in-game. Are you over-aiming or are you too slow to catch up to an enemy?

Personally, I find that I would over aim players that were using their thruster pack, so I lowered my vertical sensitivity to 4 and my horizontal to 5.

Black ops 3 sensitivity settings

*Black ops 3 is a bit different regarding sensitivity, as you can adjust both your horizontal and vertical, whereas in previous games in the series, you could only edit your overall sensitivity.

A good way to try new sensitivities is to just play. If you’re making a big adjustment, set up a custom private match with bots. If you still feel a bit sluggish, try moving your sensitivity up a bit, but remember that raising it too high could hurt you at mid to long ranges.

It’s best to make small changes over time so you can get used to the new aiming speeds. If you make a large adjustment immediately, it will be quite frustrating trying to fine tune your aim mid-game. After playing for an hour or so at each sensitivity, continue adjusting it and fine tuning it until you’re comfortable.

Dealing With Recoil – Know Your Weapons

I can’t stress this enough, get to know your weapons!

Learn the recoil patterns. Not only can you control most of them once you learn them, but you can use them to your advantage. That works both ways. If you don’t know a weapons recoil patterns it could hurt you in gunfights, and this gets magnified at longer ranges.

A VMP is going to have a lot of horizontal recoil to the right, and quite a bit of upwards vertical recoil as well. Knowing that bit of information, you can prepare for this by aiming down low, and to the left of your opponents. It is vital to learn your weapons recoil patterns, doing so will allow you to let the guns recoil work to your advantage, rather than fighting against it.

VMP recoil

Again, a good way to practice this would be to take a gun you like, throw on some bots, and just get to know the ins-and-outs of your weapon. Try engagements at different ranges, try it while you’re boosting, and wall running; so when it comes to a similar situation against real players, you’ll know exactly what your weapon will do.

Slow Down And Position Yourself to Win

Feel like you hit your shots, but somehow the enemy walks away after killing you?

You’re probably dealing with Flinch. And in Black ops 3, Flinch is much worse than any other game considering there’s no Toughness perk or attachments to counter it.

Flinch is exactly what it sounds like, when you get hit, your sights jump and it usually moves up and to the right.

This means you’ll end up shooting over your opponents shoulder more often than you think.

But that goes both ways. Your enemies also have to deal with flinch if they get hit first, throwing them off their mark and usually resulting in an easy kill for you. So that means positioning and getting off the first shot is much more important in Bo3 than it was in any game prior.

We need to put ourselves in a position to succeed.

But what exactly is “positioning”? Everyone says positioning is key but it’s very hard to figure out if you’re positioning yourself properly or when you make a positioning mistake.

If you find yourself blindly running through doorways, or sprinting around corners, this tip is one I highly recommend you listen to.

When your coming around corners, a good habit to form is to stop sprinting and slowly walk while ADSing around corners. Doing so will put you in a much better position to get the drop on any enemies that could potentially be on the other side.

It’s better to be safe then sorry, preaiming may slow down your playstyle, but it’ll give you a huge advantage against players who don’t play carefully.

You should also make a mental note of deaths during game. Don’t jump to blame lag, or your opponent getting lucky. Sure… that could be part of the reason. But take the time to think about it.

“What could I have done in that situation to change the outcome?”

A lot of times you could have shifted your position, or covered an area, or peaked around a corner properly to improve your positioning and have a much better chance of locking down the kill.

Abuse Aim-Assist by Strafing

Strafing is the technique of moving the player’s character from side to side, but that’s just for making yourself more elusive right? What does it have to do with aiming.

Well, as most people know, the call of duty games have a built in aim assist.

But Black ops 3 has a very odd way of activating the aim assist.

Basically, If we stand still and aim at someone, the chances of aim assist helping is very small. But, if we instead move back and forth to the left and right, aim assist begins to take effect. The more you strafe, the easier it will be to hit your target.

Upgrade Your Gear For Optimal Aim

You can follow the tips above, and without spending a dime you’ll still see your aim gradually improve. But for the people who want to go a step further, I’m going to cover some very good hardware for your console of preference.

Kontrol Freeks

These simple but effective accessories to your controller increase the length of your analog sticks, which will improve precision while aiming. It will increase your “Range of motion by 40%” and allow for smaller adjustments while aiming.

Kontrol freeks are awesome, really. I’ve been using them for the last several years. They just work so well, after using them for 15 to 20 mins you’ll begin to see a difference. Best part is, they’re like 15$, I’d highly recommend these to anyone trying to improve their accuracy. Numerous professionals are known to use kontrol freeks, at the very least, I’d recommend you go see what they’re all about.

Scuf controllers

I absolutely love these controllers. They are controllers that you order custom made, and they come with paddles on the back, that are hot keyed to act like buttons on your controller. So how will this help you? Well, it makes it so moving your thumb off your analog stick to click A or B is not needed. This allows you to keep your right analog stick moving even while jump/dropshotting, and it’s extremely effective.

But, these controllers come with a steep price tag, and they are known to break after substantial use. If you’re looking for a controller on PS4, this is one I highly recommend. It’s going to take time to get used to, but in the long run, it’s going to make you quite a bit better.

Xbox Elite controller

So the reason why I don’t recommend Scufs to Xbox users is simple, Microsoft makes their own high end controller now. It’s stainless steel, magnetic, and all the buttons/paddles/analog sticks are removable! It is one hell of a controller, and it’s super durable. I’d say the price tag being only 150$ makes this well worth anyone who games more than 8-10 hours a week.

Speeding Up The Aim-Training Process

Aiming is a skill that requires a lot of time and patience to improve. A lot of the pro’s have spent years improving their aim and developing a game sense to guide them through their matches.

That being said, implementing the tips above will help you shortcut that learning curve and speed up the process to getting your aim up to competitive levels.

I hate to be the guy that says “practice makes perfect,” but in this case, it’s true. Make sure you set yourself up to win by fine tuning your settings, getting appropriate gear, learning the weapons you use, and properly positioning yourself to lock down kills.

From there, make mental notes about situations that you feel you could have improved on. Take time to consider different options and push yourself to improve and develop a new game plan to put yourself in the position to win.

Keep at it and before you know it… you’ll be dominating both your friends and your opponents.

April 4, 2016