42 Tips Guaranteed To Improve Your Win Rate And KD Ratio

Looking to improve your kill/death ratio? You’ve come to the right place.

One major realization that will help you become a better CoD player is that it’s a game of chance.

It isn’t always the best gun skill or highest reaction time that wins. While both of those help – it’s not the defining factor.

It’s a game of risk and reward.

Your goal is to put yourself in positions to raise the odds in your favor at every turn. This post is going to reveal 42 great ways to start turning the odds and put you in a position to get more kills, win more games, and punish your opponents.

Tip 1Map Awareness

cod_mapEven without UAV detection you can still get a general idea of where your enemies locations.

It’s less likely that your enemies will be where your team mates are located. They also won’t be spawning there.

That means you can use this to move to parts of the map where your team isn’t and expect with relative certainty that you’ll find an enemy.

Of course, this isn’t a guarantee. It just gives you a higher probability to find enemies, or figure out where they might be coming from.

Tip 2 Customize Your Feel and Sensitivity

Find a sensitivity that works for you, but if you are on an extremely low sensitivity, try to push yourself to increase it.

Anything above 6-7 starts to become excessive and could result in missing easy kills. A lot of professional players use sensitivities around 4-5. Anything lower and you run the risk of not being able to keep up with the rapid pace from all the Exo boosts. Find the right balance for you.

As you start to adjust your sensitivity don’t do it all at once. The drastic change will either give you a headache or wreak havoc on your KD. Move it up or down slowly (1-2 per day) until you reach the setting that you’re comfortable with.

If you notice that you aren’t able to keep up with players strafing then you should look to increase it.


Tip 3Don’t Miss Easy Kills


A tip posted by Nikko from Team Callidus.

You know those situations where you stop shooting your target because you think he’s dead, then he turns and kills you?

You can help prevent this from happening by going into your sound options and disable the “Hit Feedback” option. The sound of the hit marker can often trick you into thinking your target is dead.

After changing this option, it may feel weird not hearing the hit marker sound anymore. You’ll get used to it though after a short period of time. Meanwhile you’ll be securing the easy kills before they slip out of your hands.

Here’s a clip of how it feels without the Hit Feedback:

Tip 4 Slow The Game Down In Slumps

Consistent, fluid movement can be very difficult to pull off effectively.

If you notice you’re on a death streak, you might be trying too hard to chase kills. You could also be playing emotionally which leads to mistakes.

Slow the game down. Reduce your movement, or try to stay still and let the kills come to you. Snag a few kills, let it build momentum for you and then you can get back into your comfortable groove of movement.

Tip 5 Developing A Game Sense

Your exo suit gives you the ability to move and dodge quickly at a level that we’ve never experienced in CoD before. But if you do this to an open area, you’ll still end up dying.

Position yourself so you always have some type of cover or escape route if needed.

To implement this tip, you simply need to be aware of your positioning. It’ll start becoming really obvious when you die out in the open, or in situations that you could have avoided with proper positioning. You should note these (at least mentally) and look to correct them in future games.

This tip alone will have a huge positive impact on your KD.

Tip 6 Reacting Under Fire

It’s difficult to react and fire back at an enemy when you’re hit from a location to the side or behind you. A great response is to start turning towards the direction you’re being shot from and then boost backwards.

This accomplishes two things. It gives you a solid amount of movement to stay alive. It also gives you the time to find your target and gather your aim.

Most people duck for cover and this puts them in a defensive position. With this maneuver you have a more well rounded response and can actually put pressure back on the shooter to pick up the kill.

Tip 7 Don’t Waste Your Exo Abilities

It can be a natural tendency to preserve your Exo Abilities since they are only temporary boosts and you want to use them at the “right time”.

The problem comes when you die with an unused boost. Look at is as potential kills that you missed.

Start using them more often – even if it’s a waste at first.

Wasting it by using it at an inappropriate time is the same, if not better than dying with it. Build the habit of using the boosts.

After it’s natural to use them frequently, you can worry about fine tuning the efficiency of when and where to use your boosts.

Tip 8 Scout Enemies Before Taking Objectives

Know where your enemies are before you try diving in on an objective.

You can get a better idea by using UAV with a threat detection module, or threat grenades. Chances are good that someone will be keeping an eye on the objective, so moving straight in will be suicide. It’s best to try and secure the location first and then take the objective.

You can also wait for your team to secure the objective zone if they are in better position and then move in once it’s clear.

Tip 9 Use Random Pubs As Bait

In a random public team lobby you can also use your teammates as bait. Let them lead the way and be the first to walk into rooms or round corners. This will expose enemy positions, and give you the upper hand on getting a kill while they are distracted by your team mate.

This may seem cruel.

But let’s be honest… You’re investing the time to read this guide.

So you’re going to equip yourself with the tools to be a better player right? It only makes sense to let the weaker player serves as a meat shield while you follow behind and clean up the kills.

EVEN if you are just trying to pad your stats. 😉

Tip 10 Get A Feel For Your Clip Sizes

Don’t reload after every kill or gun fight. Instead, get a feel for your clip sizes until they become second nature. Often enough you can squeezed an extra kill or two out of a clip.

It’s very common that after you get a kill, there’s another enemy in the proximity. By reloading you give them a chance to walk right by or kill you.

On the flip side there’s always the chance of running out of bullets during a gun fight.

Make sure you reload when you know you have the opportunity, and get used to the amount of bullets you have in a clip. This will give you an idea on when it’s critical to reload before or after a gun fight.

There’s a true balance to managing your ammunition.

Tip 11 Boost Backwards For Safer Reloads

If you boost backwards while reloading, it doesn’t interrupt your reload.

It makes it slightly more difficult to hit you, as opposed to just strafing from side to side. It’s not ideal, but it can get you out of a few sticky situations when you need to reload.

Tip 12 Speed Reload

Double tapping your reload button allows you to reload quicker. It discards the remaining bullets you have in your clip.

Some weapons benefit from this more than others will. So you’ll want to pay attention to the time it takes to reload, and how many bullets you have remaining. This will give you an idea on if it’s worth it or not to speed reload with that gun.

You can also equip Jewel Mags which prevent you from losing your ammo on a speed reload every other time.

Tip 13 Ease Off The Gas

Simply put: Don’t sprint everywhere! Slow down.

Players see the pro’s move fluidly around maps and translate that to sprinting everywhere as quickly as possible. You have to play with map awareness and sprint only when it’s not a risk to do so.

Sprinting will get you killed when you’re entering objective zones, rounding corners, or walking through rooms and close encounter areas. Since there’s a slight delay when you attempt to shoot after sprinting, an enemy who is walking will be able to get the jump on you.

Tip 14 Positioning 101

Stay out of the middle. Hugging walls will make it more difficult for players above you to get a line of site on you.

This is generally a good idea, even if enemies aren’t above you. Having cover from a wall makes it more difficult for enemies to get an angle on you, and you can narrow down where you might be targeted from.

Positioning is the silent killer. If you’re having trouble maintaining a positive KD you should analyze your positioning and see where your deaths are coming from. Most likely it’s from sub-optimal positioning.

Tip 15 Movement is Key

Not only does movement naturally make you more elusive, it can also help you cover the distance of a map which will help you pressure important objectives, secure easy kills, or help support your team mates.

This is the case with any first person shooter. You should get so comfortable with your movement that it looks like you’re just gliding through the map.

Tip 16 Perfect Your Exo Boosts

Practice using your exo suit to double jump and boost to the side.

Boosting is great when you’re trying to be evasive, but it comes at the cost of lower your aim assist. Practicing your aim while using your Exo kit will make it more difficult for your enemies to hit you, while still being able to put heavy pressure on your enemies.

Tip 17 Don’t Default to Double Jumps

Using your Double Jump in every fight becomes highly predictable. You also lose your aim assist. If an enemy predicts your double jump, he will have the advantage in the gun fight. You should only use it if you feel like you have a low chance of winning the gun fight anyways, and it’s your last effort to try and get a kill.

Tip 18 Assist Your Teammates – Even If They’re Scrubs

I know. Your team mates suck.

It’s easy to isolate yourself from your team and do your own thing when you’re playing games solo.

Don’t do it though.

You don’t have to fully trust and rely on them to do their part. But you’ll have a much better experience if you try and work together.

It’s an uphill battle if you try and play alone. You’ll get more points from winning and staying active then you would focusing strictly on your KD and playing passive.


Tip 19 Crowd Control

In team based games you should use everything you can to control the enemy, push them away from objectives, and prevent them from capturing objectives. An excellent form of “crowd control” is the Stun Grenade. It’s often overlooked compared to other grenades, but if used properly can be effective.


Tip 20 How Well Do You Know The Game Mode?

Take the time to learn the nuances to the game modes you play. Each mode you play will have a specific style that you can take advantage of for higher scores.

For Team Death Match you should know the general flow of traffic, and spawn locations. Take advantage of choke points and high traffic areas by staying on the perimeters.

In Kill Confirmed you should know that you shouldn’t chase down your own tags, since it gives you the same points if your team picks them up for you.

You can’t be as aggressive in Domination. You need to clear out objectives and remember that players will be defending objectives and floating towards objectives.

In Search And Destroy you have a more strategic and slower pace style of game. Having less players in the game means you should adjust your loadouts for more one-on-one situations. Defense is important. After a team plants they become statistically favored to win.

Tip 21 Adapt your Play Style

Adjust your strategy based on the game mode you’re playing. Your strategy should not be one-size-fits-all. In order to be the most effective in each game and pick up the most amount of kills, you can’t use the same strategy.

Your opponents will naturally be using a different approach to the game in order to capture objectives, so you’ll need to plan ahead and use a strategy that would benefit from that.

Playing every game mode like a Team Death Match is a path ending in lower scores and more frustration on your end.

Tip 22 Optimize your Loadout With Must Use Perks

Toughness and Blast Suppressor are two of the best perks available. These two allow you to get an upper hand in gun fights.
As an added bonus they allow you to zip around the map using your exo suit without having your location revealed on the minimap.

A couple other perks to consider are Low Profile and Greed.

Tip 23 Build The Game Around You

How do you naturally like to play the game?

Do you like to run around the map aggressively?

Do you prefer to camp and hold a position?

Are you more of a supportive player?

Once you figure out your play style you should build a load out around it. If the game feels uncomfortable or frustrating, chances are good that you’re using strategy that isn’t adapting well to your play style.

Tip 24 Anti-Camouflage

Some Exo abilities will cause you to glow in ways that make it very easy to target you. While they are highly useful, you should be cautious of when you use them. If you use them at times when you’re trying to by sneaky or stealthy, you’ll end up giving your position away and allow players to spot you easily.

Tip 25 Use The Mini Map

It may seem extremely obvious, but most players don’t utilize the mini-map as effectively as they could be.

Make sure you’re paying attention to UAV scans, and where the flow of enemies are.

When your minimap icon pulses red it’s alerting you that you’ve been hit by a UAV sweep. When this happens, the more you sit still the more likely it is for an enemy to spot your location.


Tip 26 Don’t overlook the UAV

Going along with the previous tip, UAV is one of the best team oriented score streaks to pick up. It’s very easy to hit during a game and it makes it easier for your team to hunt down the enemy team and score more kills.

This is high priority score streak to have in every game, so it’s not bad to pick it up just to make sure it’s available to you and your team.


Tip 27 Round Corners With A Boost

Use the sideways boosts to turn corners. This can surprise your opponent and allow you to get the first shot in while they’re still trying to catch up.

Tip 28 Double Boosts from Exo

If you haven’t used your Exo suit in a bit, you can double boost in quick succession.

This can be really hard to anticipate mid-game. But if you notice that you haven’t used it in a while, you can use it to surprise your opponents and get out of tough situations, or close distances to pick up kills.

Tip 29 Boost Slamming

A quite obvious tactic that most players should know by now. You can use your boost slam ability to quickly drop to the ground and get to cover.

You wont be able to use your weapon for a short period of time after landing, so don’t use this ability as an opener, or when you’ll need to use your weapon immediately. Some times it’s better to try and out gun your opponent then trying to boost slam to safety.

Tip 30 Exo Suit Sounds

It’s very easy to hear Exo Suits go off.

Check around on the roof tops above you when you hear one go off. More often than not, when someone double jumps, they are in the process of getting on top of buildings or navigating across rooftops.

The sound could tip you off and allow you to snipe an unsuspecting player after he uses his Exo suit.

Tip 31 A Better Approach To Mastering Maps

When learning a new map, it’s best to learn a single part of the map before running around aimlessly.

Learn the nuances of a section of the map. Figure out the flow of traffic, how people navigate in and out, what people are generally looking for in that area. Learn it like the back of your hand. Then once you get it down start spreading out to other sections of the map.

This will allow you learn the map quicker overall, and have a good understanding of the map mechanics. As a bonus, if you’re ever in a slump, you can go back to one of your sections of the map where you’re extremely comfortable.

Tip 32 Camping 101 – How To Hold A Position

You need to be aware of where the enemy team is spawning, and where they are located on the map at all times. You can’t just sit idle.

If you aren’t adjusting your position in order to pick up kills or lock down areas of the map, you could end up staring at your screen motionless waiting for someone to wander by you. This greatly reduces your effectiveness in a game, and it’s what makes the difference between a bad camper, and a skilled positional player.

Tip 33 Are Scopes Worth It?

Adding a scope gives you improved vision but increases the time it takes to look down the sight. Make sure there’s a reason you specifically need improved vision in order to warrant the trade off of extra time looking down the scopes.

Remember that even a fraction of a second adds up and will lead to more deaths.

Tip 34 Reduce Scope Movement

When you’re standing still your scope will sway back and forth. You can reduce this by crouching or going prone. The reduced movement gives you a more reliable shot for sniping.

Tip 35 Tunnel Vision Will Get You Killed

Never focus or chase a single enemy.

If you see someone strafe across your screen and you didn’t get the kill – just let them go.

If you jump on the chase you’ll often leave yourself exposed. What you should do is note where they went and keep it in the back of your mind. Make sure they can’t circle behind you to kill you unexpectedly, and then continue on looking for your next group of kills.


Tip 36 Firing From The Hip

SMG’s hip fire can become extremely accurate when you equip laser sights. Practicing aiming with hip fire while strafing.

If you’re able to boost strafe out of the way while still firing accurately you’ll become a big problem for people who are playing on low sensitivity or aiming down their sights.

Tip 37 Never Trust A Pub

Never expect a public team mate to have your back. Even if you communicate with them.

Each player has their own approach to the game, and you can’t expect them to know exactly how you want them to play or how they’ll react without playing with them often. Try to work as a team as much as you can, but don’t get caught off guard becuse you expect them to help you and they don’t come through.

Tip 38 Clear Communication

When you’re playing on a team, having clear communication of what’s developing in the game is crucial to your success.

Calling out enemy positions, objective activity, your deaths, and many more call outs should happen. The second step is reacting to your team mates communication and working as a team towards your objectives.

Tip 39 Circle Your Perimeters

On maps like Greenband and Comeback it’s best to float on the perimeters of the map. Fight to stay on top of the buildings and pathways to lower the chances of being shot, while also getting an advantage on enemies below.

Look at the highlighted areas of the map below:


Tip 40 Bring Your Knife To A Gunfight

Anytime you’re in close range, melee always trumps range.

It’s a bad habit to continue shooting once you’re in knifing range. Train yourself to stop shooting and use your knife or melee attack as soon as someone tries to enter your personal bubble.

Tip 41 Put The Practice Range To Good Use

Most people only practice in games against live opponents. The Practice range is great for practicing new guns, getting used to clip sizes (like mentioned in the previous tips), and even facing targets that emulate exo boost movements to fine tune your accuracy.

This is a low-pressure way to practice that you can use when you aren’t in games, want to warm up, or waiting around for friends.

Tip 42 General Gun Tips

One of the most well rounded weapons is the BAL-27 with a silencer. It’s essentially a hybrid of an SMG and Assault Rifle. It gives you a balanced long and short range game play, which should be well suited for most situations in any game mode. Use this if you aren’t sure of what gun to use, and then start testing new guns as you get used to different maps or game modes.

The IMR’s recoil is next to nothing. It has zero horizontal recoil, and very minimal vertical recoil. Use this gun if you want an extremely accurate experience without worrying about controlling the recoil.


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