How you can draft your way to 5k MMR

There’s plenty of Dota 2 guides out there that will teach you everything from improving at certain heroes to learning how to farm efficiently, but drafting guides are few and far between. Drafting is certainly a skill that’s been neglected by many players, or rather there just isn’t any decent places to learn it from. […]

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What If Hearthstone Had Legendary Spells?

During a talk with the developers at Hearthstone Europe, Kripparian questioned if there would ever be Legendary spells introduced to the game. While they aren’t developing anything immediately, they were open to the idea, and discussed various challenges that they would face in order to introduce legendary spells to Hearthstone. While streaming, Kripparrian discussed ideas […]

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The Top Moba Game Choices of 2015

So you’re looking to get into the exciting world of Moba (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games? Moba features some exciting and fast-paced game play that can be both glorious and frustrating at the same time! It really pushes your gaming skills to the limits and you’ll spend hours playing and practicing to become great. While […]

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